of Publications on Sussex Geology and Sussex Geologists

Anthony Brook

              What on Earth is under Sussex?

              Gideon Mantell - Momento Mori 1 to 4

              John Henry Pull

                      John Henry Pull - Shepherds' Crowns

                      John Henry Pull - Rocks and Flint-Mines

Roger Birch

              Sussex Stones

Roger Cordiner

              Geology of Chichester Harbour

                      Chichester Harbour - Quaternary Geology

                      Chichester Harbour - Palaeogene and Cretaceous Geology

David Bone

              Fossil Hunting at Bracklesham Bay & Selsey

              The Stones of Boxgrove Priory

Monty Larkin

               In the Footsteps of Time

Edmund Critchley

              Dinosaur Doctor - Life and Work of Gideon Mantell

John Cooper

               Horsham's Dinosaur Hunter: George Bax Holmes

               The Unpublished Journal of Gideon Mantell 1819 - 1852

               Catalogue of the Type, Figured and Cited Specimens
                                            in the geological collections of the Booth Museum of Natural History, Brighton

                                        British Geological Survey

                                                       The Chalk Aquifer of the South Downs

                                                       Sheet Memoirs (1:50,000) of the country around:   

                                                  Lewes (319)

                                                            Hastings & Dungeness (320 & 321)

                                                            Brighton & Worthing (318 & 333)

                                                            Horsham (302)

                                                            Chichester and Bognor (317 & 332)

                                        Out of Print publications :

          David Bone                     Geology around Worthing :   1985

                              Colin Mitchell                 Landscape Walks in Sussex :   2000

                                        Rodney Castleden       Classic Landforms of the Sussex Coast :   1996, reprinted 2004

                                        Ken Brooks                    Geology of Hastings and District