The Geology of Chichester Harbour


Roger Cordiner is a geologist and teacher. He has worked throughout the world on geological surveying, mineral exploration and engineering projects. He has lived in West Sussex for the past 30 years and has made a special study of the geology of the County. Roger teaches Adult Education geology classes at Sussex University and at Worthing College.

During Adult Education field classes on local geology in the 1980s, many unrecorded exposures were revealed along the foreshore of Chichester and Langstone Harbours. This led the author to carry out a detailed geological survey of the Harbour shorelines. The work was carried out intermittently over a period of some 20 years The area was initially surveyed at a scale of 1: 1 0,000. However it was soon found that this was too small a scale to record the detailed stratigraphy present. Chichester Harbour and the west coast of Hayling Island were then mapped at a scale of 1:2,500. Detailed geological sections were constructed and a report for use by field classes was written in 1995.

The author has brought together past and present knowledge of the local geology from a wide range sources and research papers. Much of this information has until now been scattered within a large number of often difficult to find publications. To this basic work he has added the results of his own geological mapping and research so as to present an up to date geological guide to the area.

These publications will be of interest to students of geology and those who work in the Harbour area. It will also be of interest to all those of an enquiring mind who wish to know more about what lies beneath the landscape of this unique Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.


              Chichester Harbour - Quaternary Geology

              Chichester Harbour - Palaeogene and Cretaceous Geology

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